Practice areas



Criminal Law – Federal and State

DUI Defense — Serious Bodily Injury and DUI

Mandatory Drivers License Consequences with DUI Convictions

Reckless Driving

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

Drug Charges Drug Trafficking


Domestic Violence and Child Abuse


Sex Offense

Insurance Fraud & Credit Card Fraud

Asset Seizure

  • Juvenile Crimes

    After a Juvenile Arrest

    Juvenile Legal System

    Youth Offender Tried in Adult Criminal Court

    Family Law


    Child Support

    Domestic Abuse

    Children and Divorce

    Life After Divorce

    Men’s Rights

    Military Divorce

    Property Division

    Spousal Support

    Step-family Issues

    Women’s Rights

    Immigration Law

    Immigration court proceedings

    Green cards and non-immigrant visas

    Citizenship and naturalization

    Bonds and release from detention

    Helping Your Detained Loved One

    Federal and immigration crimes

    Deportation defense

    Political Asylum

    Family immigration

    Employment immigration

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